Solar Energy Facts and Benefits

Renewable Energy Source

Environmentally Clean Energy

Low Operating
Cost System

Smart Home Investment

Why Choose Solar?

Solar energy is the key to a clean energy future and offers many benefits to single-family homeowners both financially and environmentally.

Each day the sun gives off much more energy than is required to power all things on the earth. By investing in solar energy systems, that power can be harnessed and used to offset expensive costs for traditional electricity from local utility providers. Solar energy is renewable and CO2-free which means it has a low environmental impact compared to traditional power sources which involve burning fuels. Solar energy also has very low operating and maintenance costs after the system is installed making it a smart investment. 

How Does Solar Energy Work?

Solar Energy follows a simple process to turn sunlight into usable electricity and then ultimately into money in your pocket.

Solar Panels Harness the Energy of the Sun

Using photovoltaic cells, solar panels capture the light of the sun and convert this light into direct current (DC) electricity. 

Energy Collected is Converted into Usable Electricity

After sunlight is collected, an in-home inverter converts the direct current electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity, the type that is used in your home to power lights, appliances and more. 

Converted Electricity is Used and Stored

After power is converted to usable electricity, it is used to power your home. If a power storage system is installed, extra electricity is stored in batteries to power your home during dark hours.

Electricity is Metered and Excess is Sent Back to the Grid

Daily electricity usage is metered by the solar energy system and any excess power that is produced by your system is sent back to the power grid and sold back to your local utility provider for a profit.

Solar Savings Benefits

Reduce Dependency on Rising Energy Costs

Reduce your dependence on rising energy costs - As utility customers we do not have control over the cost of our electricity. Rates are rising every year and we are stuck with the bill. Solar allows you to pay for your electricity now, locking in your electricity savings and controlling your rates.

System Financing

You own the solar system and benefit from all available savings while spreading out the upfront costs of solar to reduce your monthly expenses. Xando provides a detailed financial analysis looking at your yearly and monthly cost breakdown.

Money In Your Pocket

Solar systems are built to last. Over 25 years homeowners are saving anywhere from $10,000-$60,000. You can bank from the sunshine on your roof.

Good For The Environment

Florida has beautiful coastlines and clean neighborhoods. Installing solar reduces the output of carbon emissions in our hometowns keeping our air clean. Let’s keep Florida beautiful.

26% Tax Credit

26% of the total cost of your system is credited back to you on your next year’s tax return. This savings is put right back into your pocket, or used to quickly reduce your monthly payments.

Net Energy Metering

Xando registers your solar system with your energy provider giving you access to Florida’s Net-Metering program. Excess electricity not used by your home is sold back to the grid for your neighbors to use in real time. A special bi-directional meter is installed to track this savings every minute of every day.

Increase Property Value With No Increase Property Tax

Florida provides a 100% property tax exemption for residential renewable energy property. With a solar system, you are joining your home with the thousands of others accessing this tax savings plan.