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Advertorial | 10.01.2023 – Florida | Jeff Audrey

Homeowners with interest in solar should definitely pay attention to this in 2023

Here's how you can save.

What homeowners should know: The solar company Xando Energy is currently giving away a limited solar incentive for some Florida residents.

Currently, many homeowners are missing out on an additional special incentive when going solar.

Some homeowners still believe that there is little to no difference in price and quality among solar providers.

However, now for a short time, besides the ITC, there’s a one-time internal special incentive of up to $3,000.

Why is this special incentive being offered?

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time, and it’s up to all of us to actively contribute to combatting it.

One of the most effective steps each individual can take is transitioning to renewable energy.

Xando Energy aims to make this crucial step as easy and cost-effective for you as possible.

Therefore, Xando Energy is offering an exclusive internal incentive of $3,000 on selected components for a short time.

What you should do to receive the special incentive

Many homeowners make the mistake of choosing a solar provider without utilizing this additional incentive.

They pay a much higher price for the same or outdated technology and miss out on this limited-time incentive.

To avoid this, we recommend you to reach out to Xando Energy and capitalize on this internal incentive.

How much would an advanced solar system including the $3,000 reduction cost for your roof?

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