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Solar Monitoring System

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are incredibly resilient — able to withstand the impact of hail. This is why the panels we use come with 25 years of warranty protection.


Even still, equipment can and will break.


For starters, many of the other components in your solar PV system come with much shorter warranty lifetimes, including the inverters, racking and batteries. Over the next 25-plus years, these parts will likely need servicing and occasional replacement.


However, even the panels themselves can suffer wear and tear. For despite no moving parts, any number of factors can prevent your solar system from generating optimal power — including dust, debris, snow accumulation, shifting panels, corrosion and pests.


This is why having a home solar monitoring system in place is so essential.

What Is a Solar Monitoring System?

There was a time when you would have to carefully track your utility bills to spot historical dips in solar system underperformance.


Of course, this strategy has several flaws:


  • Many utility bills come out quarterly (instead of monthly).


  • It’s hard to account for seasonal fluctuations throughout the year.


  • Utility bills are often deliberately complex — making comparisons difficult.


Worst of all, you have to stay on top of your bills. For most homeowners, this level of vigilance is impractical — especially for a technology that is often billed as set-it-and-forget it.


At Xando Energy, our solution is simple.

Our Approach to Solar System Monitoring

Once your PV system goes online, we offer real-time solar monitoring that allows you and our team of engineers to carefully track your installation’s performance. Occasional dips from overcast or rainy days are perfectly normal. Our solar tracking and solar inverter monitoring solutions can instantly identify unexplained dips. If and when that happens, a notification is automatically triggered.


You’ll receive these alerts on your smartphone; we’ll receive them on our end, as well. These solar charge, monitor notifications allow us to immediately intervene and correct the situation so that your system can begin generating optimal power — and, by extension, maximum savings.


If you live in South Florida and would like to learn how our solar panel tracker technology can help you extract the most value from your clean energy investment, schedule a free consultation with a Xando Energy expert today.

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