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Solar racking system technology is an important aspect of solar energy system design and installation. Solar racking systems provide a stable and secure platform for solar panels, ensuring that they are positioned for optimal energy production. Racking systems also provide protection against wind and weather damage, and help to maintain the longevity of solar panels.


There are two main types of solar racking systems: ground-mounted and roof-mounted.


Solar racking systems are typically made from aluminum, which is lightweight and durable, and does not corrode over time.


The optimal orientation for solar panels is typically due south in the northern hemisphere and due north in the southern hemisphere.

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Tilt Angle

The optimal tilt angle depends on the latitude of the installation location and the time of year.

Fixed vs. Tracking Systems

Fixed solar racking systems are stationary and do not move, while tracking systems are designed to automatically adjust the position of solar panels throughout the day to ensure maximum energy production.


Roof-mounted solar racking systems typically use ballasting, which involves using weights to secure the racking system in place.

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