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Installing solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on your home allows you to generate clean electricity from free sunshine. When the sun sets, however, you must switch to grid electricity to power your home. Unfortunately, paying for nighttime utility power delays the payback period of your clean energy investment. It also negatively impacts your carbon footprint, since you’re still relying on dirty grid electricity generated from fossil fuel combustion.


Fortunately, it’s possible to reclaim your savings and shrink your carbon footprint using on-site solar battery backup storage.

How Does a Solar Power Backup System Work?

With a home solar battery backup system, you can store and capture any excess electricity generated from your PV system. This extra solar power would normally be fed into the grid — often in exchange for utility credits or below market rates.

Installing an on-site solar backup system, however, allows you to keep all of this excess electricity. In short, you can power appliances at night using stored solar power instead of dirty and expensive grid electricity. Better still, you’re able to keep the lights on, even if the rest of the grid stops working. This solar backup redundancy basically makes you more energy independent.

With enough solar capacity and on-site storage, in fact, you can become 100% self-sufficient and unplug from the electricity grid completely.

This means:


  • No more utility bills

  • No more grid outages

  • No more CO2 pollution

Instead, you’re able to power your entire home using nothing but the clean and free solar power generated by your panels and stored in your solar battery backup system. This strategy makes sense no matter where you live. If you happen to live in the Sunshine State, storing excess solar electricity is a no-brainer.

Our Approach to Solar Backup Battery Technology

Almost every solar backup solution on the market will deliver the above benefits — i.e., lower bills, carbon footprint reductions and increased energy independence. At Xando Energy, we’re partial to Generac’s line of on-site battery storage solutions. Whether to avoid nighttime utility electricity or to have 24/7 emergency backup power, their battery storage technology consistently delivers results.


If you live in South Florida and want to learn how our solar battery backup solutions can help reduce your own reliance on increasingly expensive grid electricity, schedule a free consultation with a Xando Energy expert today.

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