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Xando Energy offers several personalized energy solutions. From battery back-up systems, to electrical system upgrades, to smart monitoring and more, our team of solar installer experts has the services that are suited to you and your family's needs.


Each solar system is designed to fit your home’s energy usage and roof space. In-house design and install teams ensure quality from top to bottom without the use of subcontractors.


Xando monitors your system in real time 24/7/365. If there's a problem, we are notified and your issue is flagged and fixed right away allowing us to keep your system running non-stop. 


You will have access to your home’s energy usage as well as your solar system's real-time electricity generation from your phone or computer. Keep track of all important energy info in one place.

How Solar Energy Works

With every sunrise, free energy hits your roof. By installing photovoltaic (PV) panels, it’s possible to capture this clean energy and convert it to the alternating current (AC) electricity that your home and appliances use. If you have batteries as well, it’s possible to store this daytime power for nighttime use — or when the grid stops working.

What Are the Benefits of a Solar Energy System?

The most obvious benefit is that you have lower utility bills. By generating and storing your clean power from the sun, you don’t have to rely as heavily on grid electricity. With a large enough solar power installation (plus on-site batteries), it’s technically possible to unplug from the utility network entirely.


Add to this the environmental savings your solar power setup offers. Every kilowatt-hour of electricity you generate and/or store from your system offsets a kilowatt-hour of dirty and expensive utility power made from fossil fuel.

How Our Solar Services Work

The process begins with a free property inspection, where we assess your home’s solar potential; measure your historical energy consumption; and analyze past, present and future utility rates. These meticulous calculations then allow us to design several solar PV designs — complete with all the costs, savings, incentives and payback periods clearly outlined.


Based on these numbers, you can determine whether going solar makes sense for your financial and environmental goals. There is no obligation to move forward. That said, you’ll have a much better understanding of how a Xando Energy solar panel setup can help you save money and reduce your impact on the planet.

Why Partner With Xando Energy?

As local installers, we understand the unique weather and climate challenges of going solar in the Sunshine State. We’re also expert at navigating the complex permitting process required to bring new systems online.


If you live in South Florida, let us help determine if your home has enough solar potential to slash your utility bills, shrink your carbon footprint, and make you more energy independent.


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