Customer Stories

Powering Up: My Solar Journey with Xando

Xando Team

“After talking to several solar companies, I chose Xando for their exceptional service and expertise.”

Al Nettler


As a new homeowner in SW Florida, I knew I needed a new roof and wanted to explore solar panel options to offset my energy costs. 

Meet the Solar Dream Team

From the moment I met Zac Dana, Xando’s sales representative, I knew I was in good hands. Zac took the time to understand my needs and budget, developed a tailored proposal with pictorial examples, and provided projections of energy savings. His installation experience and knowledge of the process gave me confidence in Xando’s abilities.

Kyle and the installation team were amazing. They kept me informed every step of the way, exceeded my expectations, and communicated effectively. The administrative team was also incredibly efficient, guiding me through the application process with Florida Power and Light and handling all inspections and HOA requirements.

Exceeding Expectations

After having my solar panels installed for just over a month, I am thrilled with the results. The panels are producing more energy than projected, and my system will produce more energy than I consume. I was expecting to offset about 70% of my energy bill, but I am happily surprised with the early first return.

Xando Delivers

Xando truly delivers on its promise of exceptional customer service and expertise. They made the process worry-free and delivered beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Xando to anyone considering solar panel installation.