Bonita Springs Residential Solar Panel Installation

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Residential Solar Panels In Bonita Springs

Homeowners throughout Bonita Springs are growing to appreciate the environmental and financial benefits of installing solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on their residential properties. Those who partner with Xando Energy consistently grow these benefits — thanks to our comprehensive services that include solar panel installation and round-the-clock PV system monitoring.

Keep reading to discover how you can begin powering your home with clean and free sunshine.

Capture Free Power

Why Install Solar Panels in Bonita Springs, Florida?

As Bonita Springs’s premier solar energy contractors, we specialize in helping homeowners capture and use the free power that hits their roofs with each new sunrise. After requesting a free, on-site property inspection from our solar power experts, you can benefit from the following core services:

  • Professional installation of state-of-the-art solar PV panels by our team of licensed and skilled contractors 

  • On-site battery energy storage technology to help grow your savings and provide emergency backup power

  • Complete electrical wiring upgrades, including the breaker box through which all your clean solar power will ultimately flow

  • 24/7/365 PV system monitoring to ensure your installation generates as much clean solar power as possible 

  • Real-time energy usage and production monitoring to help you track the savings your PV system generates 

The best part is, we design all the above entirely from the ground up based on your budget, savings goals and carbon reduction targets.

What to Look For

Is Solar the Right Option for You?

If your home receives direct sunlight, you’re likely a good candidate for clean and renewable solar power. Even one panel can help reduce your utility bills and carbon footprint. Adding even more solar PV capacity allows you to expand these benefits, with many of our customers eliminating their utility bills entirely (with the help of on-site battery storage).

Equally important, we are a local turnkey provider of end-to-end solar power solutions. As such, our team of engineers are well-versed in Bonita Springs’s unique climate, building codes and regulatory requirements. This regional expertise is what allows us to help our customers extract the most value from their clean energy investments.

We provide residential solar services throughout Florida, including in Boca Raton, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Miami, Naples, and Orlando.

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