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Solar Energy Monitor

Once installed on your home’s roof, solar photovoltaic (PV) panels work silently in the background — converting clean sunshine into free electricity. There are no moving parts. The only clear indication that you’re saving money comes in the form of your utility bills.


However, measuring and tracking those savings requires meticulously studying every utility statement. This proves challenging for several reasons, since:


  • Utility bills only come out periodically (monthly or even quarterly).

  • These gaps make it hard to account for seasonal fluctuations.

  • Utility statements are notoriously difficult to decipher (and compare).

  • At best, you can only catch past performance dips in your PV system.


For the average homeowner, staying on top of this much paperwork is impractical — especially for a technology that is supposed to work silently in the background saving you money.


Fortunately, there’s a better way to track and safeguard your savings.

Using a Solar Panel Monitoring System

As the name implies, a solar power monitoring system is a type of technology that allows you to track how much energy your system is generating — and how much of that power your home is using. If you also have on-site storage, your monitoring technology can track how much energy you’re storing in your solar panel battery system

At Xando Energy, all of our PV systems come equipped with solar energy monitor technology, allowing our team of expert engineers to immediately detect if and when a problem arises in your installation. However, you also have access to all of this data — online and via mobile — through a user-friendly dashboard that clearly outlines production stats and your real-time usage of solar power (versus grid electricity).


It’s important to remember that due to seasonal fluctuations and occasional cloud cover, performance dips are natural. When there are unexplained deviations, we’ll immediately know so that we can intervene and correct the problem. It could be something as simple as bird droppings or excessive dust buildup. However, a faulty inverter or slipped panel might be the cause.


Either way, real-time tracking with notifications and alerts allows us to correct the problem quickly so that your system can continue generating as much power (and savings) as possible.


The alternative is to carefully track these numbers using utility bills — after the fact.

Ready to Extract the Most Value From Your Solar Investment?

Solar PV technology is incredibly resilient — able to continue performing at optimal performance for decades. Breakages, malfunctions and other problems can and will pop up over the 25-plus years of your panels’ warrantied lifetimes.


Real-time solar monitoring is what allows you to protect your savings and extract the most value from your clean energy investment.


If you live in South Florida and would like to go solar, save money and enjoy those benefits for many decades to come, schedule a free consultation today to learn more about our solar monitoring and tracking technology.

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