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7 Benefits of Switching to Solar for Your Home

April 25, 2023
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Thinking about making the switch to solar power for your home and interested to know exactly how you’ll benefit from this decision? If so, you’re in luck as we, Xando Energy, have put together a comprehensive and rather compelling list of reasons to make the switch.

While we provide solar services in Southern Florida, the pros of solar are far-reaching, benefiting property owners in sunfilled regions from coast to coast.

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Key takeaways:

  • Solar energy can put more disposable income in your pocket, increase property value, and reduce dependence on utilities.
  • For the first time, owning solar panels gives homeowners a second option to not pay the rising utility rates. Without solar, we have no control over our cost of electricity.
  • Solar power is appealing not just for generating one’s own electricity but also for selling excess energy back to the grid.
  • Federal and state incentives such as the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) exist for Florida homeowners.
  • Solar energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions and mitigates climate change.

The Florida solar industry is booming, creating new jobs and boosting the local economy. Homes’ use of solar power solutions helps this booming business and the state’s economy. Solar panels are affordable, long-lasting, and low-maintenance for households.

Solar panels have long warranties, can last more than 25 years, and are low-maintenance.

Below we discuss the many benefits of switching to solar power, specifically for Southern Florida homeowners who want to improve their home’s energy efficiency and go green. Continue reading to discover how solar energy can modernize your home, boost your community’s economy, and create a more sustainable, environmentally friendly future.

Roof in South Florida with Solar Panel Installation

7 Best Reasons to Switch Your House to Solar

Here are several of the best reasons to install solar power at your home:

#1 Financial Savings

Embracing solar power can lead to substantial savings on electricity bills for homeowners. Florida’s abundant sunshine enables residents to produce an impressive amount of energy, significantly minimizing their dependence on the grid.

Going solar protects homeowners against the cost of their rising utility rate, and that’s on top of typical inflation!

Moreover, homeowners can earn extra income by selling surplus energy back to the grid via net metering programs. This not only helps in reducing energy costs but also serves as a passive income stream, making solar power an attractive financial option for many homeowners in the Sunshine State.

#2 Federal & State Incentives

Both federal and state authorities extend various financial incentives to homeowners opting for solar power. The federal solar investment tax credit (ITC) permits homeowners to deduct a portion of their solar installation costs from their taxes, making it more affordable to adopt this clean energy source.

Furthermore, Florida offers state-level incentives, such as exemptions on property taxes and sales taxes for solar equipment. These incentives make solar installations even more financially appealing and help promote the adoption of renewable energy across the state.

Current Florida legislation promotes renewable energy adoption by offering tax incentives and favorable regulations, such as:

  1. Exemption from sales tax for solar systems and associated equipment;
  2. Full property tax exemption for the increased value of residential renewable energy installations and an 80 percent exemption for commercial renewable energy installations;
  3. Prevention of homeowners’ associations and similar entities from prohibiting solar energy system installations; and
  4. A net metering requirement for Investor-Owned Utilities with capacities up to two megawatts.

#3 Increased Property Value

Homeowners who invest in solar electricity typically see increases in their property value. Research shows that solar-equipped homes sell faster and for more money than their non-solar counterparts.

Solar panels attract buyers by promising lower energy bills and a greener lifestyle. Solar-powered homes are popular in today’s environmentally concerned market, offering sellers an edge.

#4 Environmental Benefits

Solar electricity reduces a household’s carbon impact. Southern Florida homeowners may fight climate change by going solar. Solar energy also helps preserve non-renewable resources for future generations. Solar electricity shows a dedication to the environment and climate change.

#5 Energy Independence

Solar power allows homeowners to generate their electricity, decreasing reliance on utility companies and the grid. This autonomy provides a sense of energy security and resilience against potential power outages or fluctuations in energy prices.

By generating their own energy, homeowners can better control their energy usage and costs, insulating themselves from unpredictable market changes. Moreover, this energy independence contributes to a more resilient energy infrastructure at the community and national levels.

#6 Job Creation & Local Economic Growth

Florida’s solar industry is a burgeoning sector, creating jobs and driving local economic growth. By adopting solar power, homeowners contribute to this industry’s success and support the state’s economic development. The growth of the solar industry attracts investments and fosters innovation, resulting in a more diverse and robust economy.

By choosing solar energy, homeowners play a crucial role in fostering a vibrant renewable energy sector and promoting long-term, sustainable growth in Florida.

#7 Low Maintenance

Solar panels are characterized by few moving parts and low maintenance needs, making them a hassle-free option for homeowners. Most systems are backed by extensive warranties, ensuring homeowners can depend on their solar installations for the long haul. This longevity and reliability make solar power a wise investment with lasting benefits.

Additionally, advancements in solar technology continue to improve the efficiency and durability of solar panels, providing homeowners with an increasingly dependable and eco-friendly energy source for their homes.

3 Switching to Solar FAQs

Have questions about solar panel installation? If so, see if we’ve addressed your question below. If not, feel free to call during normal business hours to speak to one of our many solar energy experts on-hand to assist you.

1. How much can I expect to save on my electricity bills after installing a solar energy system in my home, and how long will it take to recoup my initial investment?

Solar energy systems save money on power costs depending on system size, energy use, and local utility rates. Homeowners save 50 to 90 percent on electricity bills. Depending on installation costs, incentives, and solar system efficiency, the payback period can be five to 10 years.

2. Can you provide more information on the federal and state incentives available for Florida homeowners, and how do I apply for these incentives when installing a solar energy system?

The federal solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) permits Florida residents to claim 30 percent of their solar system installation costs as a tax credit and has been extended until 2032.

Florida exempts solar installations from property tax increases. Xando Energy will explain the simple steps to obtain the tax credit and assist in the process.

3. What is the average maintenance schedule for a solar panel system, and what kind of warranty coverage do you offer for your installations?

Most solar panel systems require minimal maintenance, with occasional cleaning, to ensure optimal performance. In Florida, our frequent rain systems do a great job keeping solar panels clean compared to northern states.

When you install a solar energy system with Xando Energy, we monitor your system for free to ensure proper production.

As for warranty coverage, it varies among installers and manufacturers. However, a comprehensive warranty typically includes a 25- to 30-year performance warranty for the solar panels and a 10- to 12-year warranty for the inverter, covering defects and product performance.


In conclusion, homeowners throughout Southern Florida benefit from solar electricity in a number of ways. Namely, homeowners can save money, boost property value, and invest in their home with solar power.

Additionally, solar energy improves the environment, energy independence, and local economic growth in the renewable energy sector. Solar installations provide long-term energy with cheap maintenance and long warranties, making them a safe investment.

Southern Floridian homes can harness solar electricity for a brighter future by taking advantage of their region’s abundant sunshine. By going solar, you save money, increase your property’s value, and help promote a green economy.

All things considered, solar power is a sensible and responsible solution for Southern Floridian homeowners wishing to improve their community. To learn more, contact our team today.